Colors & Textures


Standard Materials

All of our standard materials come in a variety of colors and textures. We have a large database of in house fonts and adaptable designs to fit any customer needs. We can also adapt your own design into our system.





Standard - Has a soft hand and feel similar to classic screen printing. Comes in a matte or glossy finish.


Specialty Materials

We have several new specialty graphic materials that can add a unique three dimensional effect to your custom garments. Available in a variety of colors.









Flock - With a soft feel similar to felt or fleece. It is a three dimensional material with a slight raised effect.

Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Grey, White

Pebble Puff - Also soft, with a unique "pebbled" feel. Pebble Puff also has a raised three dimensional effect when applied to the garment.

Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Yellow, White

Glitter Flake - Three dimensional with a gritty glitter dusted effect.

Colors: Black, Purple, Navy Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Gold, Silver

Glitter - Slightly glossy with a glittery effect.

Colors: Black, Purple, Royal Blue, Columbia Blue, Kelly Green, Red, Raspberry, Gold, Silver

Hologram - Unique hologram like effect.

Colors: Black, Purple, Blue, Lite Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Gold, Silver

Airflow - Airflow is made for athletic mesh uniforms, but can also be used for a very unique graphic effect on casual apparel including hats. Same as our standard athletic graphic material, but with mesh holes through out the material.

Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, White

Glow In The Dark - This material's name does just what it says, it glows in the dark when light is applied. It has a standard white look when not glowing. Looks really good under black lights at concerts and club venues.

Colors: White/Glowing Green

Reflective - Reflects light in dark areas for increased safety. Great for customized running and/or biking gear.

Colors: Reflective Metallic Silver




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